Global Week of Green Business and the Climate Movement

Every year, the Global Week of Green Business and the Climate Movement takes place cities and communities around the world; seeking to empower ecopreneurs and scale up green business solutions that tackle climate change. Concretely, its goals are:
  • Promote, connect and empower climate ecopreneurs
  • Strengthen local green economy ecosystems
  • Boost sustainable business networks
  • Implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement

ECO4CLIM17, an official COP23 endorsed initiative

ECO4CLIM17 has been awarded the official “COP23 endorsed initiative” label by the UNFCCC COP23 Climate Conference.As expressed in the Charter of Use, “the signing of this charter embodies the institutional support of the COP23 Presidency to the initiative “2017 Global Week of Green Business and the Climate Movement (ECO4CLIM17)”. This support allows for the use of the above COP23 Label on all communication mediums to be utilized by the endorsed initiative. Also, ECO4CLIM17 will be promoted on the COP23 Presidency website ( and on social media.

ECO4CLIM17: dates & agenda

The 2017 Edition -ECO4CLIM17- will be held on October 16-22, 2017, with the global winner participating in the COP23 Climate Summit in Bonn (Germany) on November 6-17. All of the Week’s events follow this structure:
  • Expert panel on “climate challenges and green business opportunities” (1h30): roundtable with key green economy stakeholders (businesses, civil society, academia, public agencies, financial institutions, media…), followed by an open debate; to identify concrete challenges posed by climate change locally, and then outline opportunities for ecopreneurs to build green business solutions to tackle them.
  • Break (15 min.)
  • Climate Champion Awards (1h45): pre-selected local green businesses and ecopreneurs pitch their climate impacts to a diverse audience, focusing on the mitigation and adaptation/resilience solutions they provide; and a mixed jury (experts + audience) decides the winners.

Climate Champions Awards

As a fitting close, the 2017 Climate Champion Awards will be granted to the best & brightest ecopreneurs at each venue. If your project can reduce carbon emissions (mitigation) and help adapt to the effects of climate change (adaptation/resilience), then you can already register below.

  • Ecopreneur: entrepeneurs at the idea or project stage
  • SMEs: established companies

Evaluation criteria:
  • Strength and complementarity of the team.
  • Innovative approach to any and all aspects of the project: business model, implementation, communication, impact measurement, etc.
  • Financial sustainability: revenue streams vs cost structure balance.
  • Impact, or potential of impact, on climate change mitigation -reduction of carbon emissions-, and adaptation/resilience of local communities to its effects.

Will vary for each event, and may include:
  • Membership of sustainable business networks
  • Promotion by media: personal interviews by media partners at loca, national and international level, and special mention in ECO4CLIM17 impact report
  • Mentoring sessions by global partners and expert collaborators
  • Two global winners (among all cities) will participate in a live-streaming chat as part of the UN Foundation COP23 Digital Surge Day.
  • One global winner (different from the two above) will present her/his project or company, with travel expenses covered, at the UNFCCC COP23 Climate Summit to be held in Bonn (Germany) on November 6-17


Look for the ECO4CLIM17 event in the city and country closest to your location, and sign up to attend as audience or present your idea/business at the Climate Champion Awards. Come, be part of this growing movement for climate solutions!


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