On November 23-28 2015, more than 300 green economy professionals from 7 major cities participated in the 2015 Global Week of Green Business and the Climate Movement. #ECO4CLIM15 far-reaching impact clearly showed how green SMEs can significantly contribute to the Climate Movement by providing socially-empowering and financially-viable business solutions to the mitigation and adaptation challenges. A powerful statement and a loud voice calling for our leaders to enact supportive legislation, and facilitate the transition towards a sustainable economy grounded on a vibrant fabric of SMEs.

Two weeks later, we carried that voice all the way to the COP21 Climate Summit in Paris, where, alongside the green SME winner of the Climate Champion Special Award 2015 –Ciclogreen-, we participated in the official EU workshop “Opportunities and challenges for SMEs in realising the COP21 vision” organized by GreenEcoNet. And then the historic Paris Agreement was reached in a groundbreaking victory for the Climate Movement as a whole.


In Spain, 172 professionals and more than 50 organizations actively participated in a range of activities organized by Greenbiz along 4 different cities –Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville-, including multi-stakeholder co-creation sessions; thematic workshops on housing, recycling, energy and mobility; and the “Climate Champion Awards 2015”, where 28 SMEs showcased the positive impact they are already creating on the ground, with 16 of them winning prizes along two categories: mitigation and adaptation/resilience.


The following entities contributed to making the 2015 events in Spain possible:

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In Germany, ECO4CLIM15 started off with the official ceremony of the StartGreen Award on Nov 19th, 2015, an award honoring innovative ideas and founding concepts serving as role models for the green economy in Germany. UnternehmensGrün was part of the jury and partner in the award ceremony. The StartGreen Award was launched by StartUp4Climate, a founder-initiative, aiming to strengthen the sustainable entrepreneurship scene in Germany, facilitating networking activities of green start-ups, founding-support and investors.


On Monday, 23rd November 2015, UnternehmensGrün e.V. organized a “Climate Lunch” in Berlin. Sustainable entrepreneurs had the opportunity to taste fine organic food, jointly prepared by eco-entrepreneurs and the team of UnternehmensGrün. The dish’s recipes came from the “Genuss-Kochbüchle”. This climate-friendly cookbook was developed by a group of pupils as part of the education for sustainable development project “Umweltprofis von morgen.” Additionally, as a member of the Climate Alliance Germany, UnternehmensGrün strongly supports the political demands of their recently issued position paper. The paper outlines crucial energy and climate policy requirements necessary to limit global warming to well below 2 or 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Climate Lunch_3


In the Netherlands, De Groene Zaak launched a report showing that businesses often have great climate ambitions, but are held back by governments. It was done on board the “Train to Paris”, an initiative of a coalition of businesses that headed to the COP21 in Paris, providing a “moving platform” for debates and workshops about Climate Change.

Venues: Train to Paris
Date: November 28, 2015



In France, Entreprenedre Vert organized a workshop in Paris on what entrepreneurs, both through working together and in their own organizations, can do to fight climate change. This led to strong conclusions and recommendations that can be seen here. As stated by Frederic Benhaim, Co-president, “To our association and to our members, it’s high time for stronger climate action from public policy decisionmakers at all levels, and from corporate and SME policy. We can all, really, make a difference. Let’s work together!”

Venue: Espace Fil Rouge, 4 Rue Saint-Nicolas, 75012 Paris
Date: November 25, 2015
Program: Circular discussions were maintained, with open participation from the audience and prestigious speakers including:
  • Philippe Schiesser, CEO of Ecoeff, president of APEDEC / Écodesign Fab lab
  • Gilberte Caron, co-founder of Cobusiness
  • Hélène Exbrayat, consultant – educator, founder of Sequoiavox
  • Aksel Piran, entrepreneur in the virtual reality field

Photo album of ECO4CLIM15 available on Picasa or Facebook

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